Professional Certification Assistance Service
HTM Certifications is designed to assist the HTM professional to obtain certification through the AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) which awards certification credentials to healthcare technology professionals in the areas of Biomedical Equipment Technology.
With over 33 years of experience in the healthcare industry and over 25 years in education, HTM Certifications is here to guide you to your professional goal of achieving certification status. HTM Certifications is uniquely qualified to bring you training materials for your certification quest. HTM Certifications has provided certification seminars for over ten years to many healthcare facilities and nationally known independent service organizations with outstanding results.

Emphasis is placed on gaining knowledge in all areas of the certification exams to better prepare individuals for each certification status. Certification exams change from year to year which is why the goal of HTM Certifications is to provide knowledge in subject areas, not just provide you with known questions and answers from past exams.

The philosophy of HTM Certifications is to provide areas of knowledge and assist you in applying that knowledge to score well on the exam. During the study process many areas that have been used in past examinations will be highlighted to ensure you are well prepared for examination day, but attempting to learn question answers does little to prepare one for new questions. Only true knowledge of the subject will fully prepare one for the examination process.

Why Our Services?

There are several outlets for training materials for the certification exams offered to HTM professionals. However, none of these training outlets have been created by an HTM certified professional that is also a professional educator.

Here at HTM Certifications, the focus is on knowledge, not just possible test answers. Each HTM certification attendee will be exposed to all areas of certification exams and will study areas of knowledge that will be used to provide the appropriate answers on the exams. Special emphasis will be placed on known areas of the exam that are likely to benefit each certification seeker.

HTM Certifications will also provide study material in multiple formats to accommodate individual learning styles. This will allow for better retention of materials and in turn better test results.


Giving Back

HTM Certifications believes in "Giving Back". HTM Certifications proudly sponsors the Michael J Miller scholarship program through AAMI. With every paid participant who passes their certification exam, HTM Certifications will donate a p0rtion of the registration fee to the Michael J Miller scholarship fund.

Michael J Miller Scholarship
HTM Certifications is a business underwriter to WNCW 88.7 public radi0

WNCW 88.7

HTM Certifications is a proud sponsor of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

HTM Certifications would like to encourage all HTM professionals to "Give Back" to the charity of their choice.

Anatomy and Physiology

Healthcare Information Technology

Public Safety in the Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Equipment Function & Operation

Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics

Getting Started

To fully prepare for the certification exam, HTM Certifications highly recommends you commit to the six-month study process of the Certification Passport. This fully guided review process will encompass several platforms to ensure you are well prepared to pass your certification exam. HTM Certifications review information is continually changing, just as the certification exam continues to change. With the Certification Passport, you will be plugged into the most up to date review material for all areas of the certification exam.
New in 2018, access to hundreds of review test questions with the ability make your own exams and check your answers. With this powerful tool, you will be able to keep abreast of how you are progressing towards your certification goal.
Certification Passport – $459.95
2018 Exam dates – 5/1-15/18 and 11/1-15/18
Registration Deadlines 4/3 & 10/12
Asheville CBET Review and Housing Cost – $900.25

Unlimited access to all areas of HTM Certification website for three testing cycles.

  • Review of all subject areas of certification exam.
  • Access to mock certification exams
  • Access to training videos with guided instruction on how information may be useful for the exam.
  • Access to focused training material with past exams in mind.
  • Access to live webinars for question and answer sessions
To help facilitate communications I suggest you use a Gmail address and get a Google+ account as I will be sharing items through the HTM Certifications Google+ page (add me to your circle and I will add you to one of my circles), the HTM Certifications YouTube channel and the HTM Certifications Facebook page. The addresses are listed below and I would suggest you like these pages and follow these pages.


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