HTM Recommendations / Testimonials

Arnold Rabinovich
Sr. Biomed Engineering Tech
Rex Healthcare

I am writing to you to tell how lucky I was to come to your class last week!
It was really enjoyable and extremely useful. The way you gave tremendous amount of information is very effective! Believe me, it is not a flattering. It is an evaluation of one, who taught a lot of students for 25 years. Though my students usually fell in sleep because of very boring timbre of my voice theoretically I knew how one should teach. You definitely KNOW HOW! You know the subject and entire field.
It was a real pleasure to meet you.
I am sure that your class will help us to path the exam.
Thank you very much!

Manny Jimenez,CBET

Co-Founder / Developer at TapService Inc.

I took a CBET Certification course taught by Mr. Noblitt, the course was so useful to me, that I ended up taking the same course with him a second time before I took and passed the CBET exam. Mr.Noblitt’s passion for certification and expertise showed from the very first lecture all the way through the end of course.

After passing the CBET exam, I continued to follow Mr.Noblitt’s ICC Prep articles in 24×7 Magazine to keep my skills sharp. His passion to help BMETs attain certification was so inspiring, that it motivated me to help BMETs as well, by creating a mobile app called iCBET to help in my own way. Needless to say, much of the info in my app was information that I learned through Mr.Noblitt’s teachings.

Mr.Noblitt is an excellent instructor and a great person as well. His teaching style makes you feel at ease with the material at hand and his lectures are interesting, engaging and fun!

I feel very privileged to have been able to study under his guidance.


Manuel Jimenez, BSEET, CBET
Senior BMET Mount Sinai Medical Center

CEO/Lead Developer
TapService Inc.


Paul Martin, CBET

BMET II at Horizon CSA

John has always shown dedication in giving time and resources to help me accomplish my goals through out my career. He has extended help to me in all fields of life and has many skills to help other reach that CBET status as he has done for me. Thanks John!


Tamer Salah, CBET

Modality Service Engineer at GE Healthcare

John is a very knowledgeable and taking the Biomed field to the next level!


Michael A Northrop, CBET

Clinical Engineering Manager/ Technology Manager for TriMedx

John was the instructor in a CBET pre-test study program offered by a previous employer of mine.
His instruction and communication was excellent, his knowledge of the subject matter was exactly what was needed and offered a wide perspective of problems likely to be seen in the field. His course offered much more than a study refresher, it has served to be very useful in the field years later.

Michael A worked directly with John at HTM Certifications


Greg Haungs

Sr. BMET, CBET at RENOVO Solutions

John thanks for all you help. I passed the CBET the first time.

Greg worked indirectly for John at HTM Certifications

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