From AAMI in Denver!

From AAMI in Denver:

It’s been about four years since I have attended the AAMI conference and much has changed.  I’m a little amazed at how many vendors have some form of software integrated into their products which handle alarms, or as the new buzz word seems to be: Alarms Management. Some of these software programs are product specific as they tie into the OEM devices. However there are many Vendors such as Connexall which handles alarm management issues and is not brand specific. The software programs can tie into nurse call systems, bedside monitoring, infusion management devices and more. From what I have seen all of these programs have a “Dashboard” where you can customize which alarms are initiated and how that alarm is prioritized and distributed. It appears these programs bring all alarms into a single interface and then they are distributed to the proper personnel. The distribution is by wireless phones or other mobile devices but all of the information transmitted in this fashion of course must be HIPPA compliant and may fall under the IEC 80001 network securities arena.

I hope to find out a little more about these technologies and how “Alarm Management” issues may find its way onto any of the certification exams.

Gotta go: time for another training session!

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