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Physics, Chemistry and the exam

By now everyone should have reviewed the websites on the principles of physics, chemistry and the electromagnetic spectrum. I have mentioned in the video link I sent everyone where these principles may show up on the exam, put there are probably many other areas that could work this information into the exam. Can you think […]

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From AAMI in Denver!

From AAMI in Denver: It’s been about four years since I have attended the AAMI conference and much has changed.  I’m a little amazed at how many vendors have some form of software integrated into their products which handle alarms, or as the new buzz word seems to be: Alarms Management. Some of these software […]

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The Changing Landscape of Patient Safety

Safety is always the top priority for the HTM professional working in today’s healthcare environment. With this in mind one should probably think about the changes in how the delivery of healthcare today is taking place and where will it be administered in the future. As we are all aware we are seeing many more […]

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AAMI conference in Denver Blog

I am on the way to Denver to attend the AAMI national convention. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and learning more about some of the new certification exams. The conference begins this coming Friday, so if anyone has a particular piece of information they may want to know more about , shoot me […]

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Certification Breakdown

CBET Test Breakdown Computer Test Demo – You should review the test demo link above as this will give you an overview of how the computer software will operate during your exam. Exam Fee = $375.00 for non AAMI member. 165 Questions, 3 hour time limit. You must score 70%  to pass. However 70% […]

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The value of science review

Reviewing science material such as some basic physics, chemistry and math principles will allow certification seekers to work their way through many test questions. You don’t just have to try to memorize old exam questions from your work buddies as this will only allow you to answer the question they could remember, but if you […]

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