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is designed to assist the HTM professional to obtain certification through the International Certification Commission in the areas of Biomedical Equipment Technology, Radiology Equipment Specialist, Laboratory Equipment Specialist and Clinical Engineering.

2011-09-14_10-30-33_185With over 33 years of experience in the healthcare industry and over 25 years in education, HTM Certifications is here to guide you to your professional goal of achieving certification status. HTM Certifications is uniquely qualified to bring you training materials for you certification quest. HTM Certifications has provided certification seminars for over ten years to many healthcare facilities and nationally known independent service organizations with outstanding results.

HTM Certifications courses are brought to you in a tiered format so you can decide which format is best suited for your learning needs and your financial resources. Whether you need study material in a self-paced program to study on your own or live video conferencing to enhance your studies, HTM Certifications is here to help.

Emphasis is placed on gaining knowledge in all areas of the certification exams to better prepare individuals for each certification status. Certification exams change from year to year which is why the goal of HTM Certifications is to provide knowledge in subject areas, not just provide you with known questions and answers from past exams.

The philosophy of HTM Certifications is to provide areas of knowledge and assist you in applying that knowledge to score well on the exam. During the study process many areas that have been used in past examinations will be highlighted to ensure you are well prepared for examination day, but attempting to learn question answers does little to prepare one for new questions. Only true knowledge of the subject will fully prepare one for the examination process.

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